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Prayers of Complaint | Lessons on Faith from Habakkuk, pt. 1

Episode 136

Have you ever felt disappoint with God?

Then maybe you should read the book of Habakkuk? It's a short read but with big lessons on living by faith. This is the first episode in a series on Lessons on Faith from Habakkuk.

Habakkuk records a dialogue between God and the prophet Habakkuk that begins with Habakkuk complaining to God about the state of affairs among the Jews and God's silence ... He's not doing anything about the injustice being practiced by His own people.

And Habakkuk can't figure out why God isn't doing anything. So He expresses his thoughts to God.

If you've every felt like life wasn't fair or been frustrated by God's absence or felt like God needed to act, Habakkuk is for you!

Habakkuk shows us that faith wrestles with God!

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