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Preaching Coaching

Preaching is hard work! But what an opportunity to lead and shepherd the people God has entrusted to you!


As a preacher, you don’t want to be:





John’s been in your shoes. He knows the weight of a weekly sermon. And he’s equipped to help. 


John has a doctorate in preaching and the teaching of preaching. In fact, he had the privilege to study under one of the greatest teachers of preaching in the past 50 years, Haddon Robinson. He has preached weekly for the past 20 years. He taught preaching for 11 of those years at Boise Bible College. 


John believes preaching ought to be “blue jeans theology” - the word of God set in the context of everyday life. He is skilled at giving helpful gracious feedback that will give you specific ways to improve your preaching and better connect the message of God’s word with your audience. 

How it Works

Email John the link to 3 sermons. 

Schedule a 45 minute 1 on 1 consultation. 

Discuss the feedback on your sermons and set goals for ways to improve.

Repeat as needed.

Cost is $200.

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Brian Gosser

Southside Church of Christ


As a long time pastor, but recent addition to the pulpit, the sermon coaching that John provided has been very helpful. His insight and evaluation was encouraging, practical, applicable, and has challenged me as I strive to teach and preach God’s Word with greater skill. Thank you John!

Eric Fuller

One Love Church


If you are a pastor or teacher that wants to get better at your craft, John is your guy. He was able to drill down and verbalize what I had felt my preaching was missing and helped me to understand ways of making it better. 

Justin Jordan

Real Life Ministries


John as a coach does a great job of giving feedback that is clear, accurate & concise that enables me to take clear next steps of growth as a communicator. 

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