Jesus promised to lead people into an

 abundant way of life. To experience that life you have to be rooted in His word.


But there's a problem... 

  • 66% of Christians say they rarely or only occasionally read the Bible

  • And when they do read it, they struggle to get anything out of it 

Down-to-earth Bible teaching so you can live life Jesus’ way

Experience Jesus as a source of life

Engaging with the Bible takes effort and making sense of it isn’t easy. Here's why:

The Bible is a big book.

It was written to a foreign world.

Some of it is just hard to understand.

It can be difficult to hear what God is saying to you through it.

John Whittaker has been studying the Bible and teaching it to others for over 30 years. His passion is to use his experience to create resources that make the Bible easier to understand so that you can connect with Jesus more deeply.

“John is very down to earth. He focuses on helping people truly understand the Bible and presents information in a very coherent, concise, and applicable way.”



I believe Bible teaching should be:

  • clear

  • down-to-earth

  • connected to everyday life

“John has a deep understanding of the Bible yet he shares in a blue jeans kind of way that anyone can follow.”


Let’s learn and grow together


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Deepen your relationship with God and grow in your faith

“John  is an excellent teacher and I love that his delivery is 'let’s have a cup of coffee and talk.'”

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