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Free Resources

All of the resources on this page are completely free and aimed at helping you understand the Bible and live it out. 

The #1 Key to Deepening Your

Relationship With God

(Free Mini-Course)


Want to know the love, joy, and peace that comes from a close relationship with Jesus? The grows out of reading the Bible and praying consistently. This 3-part video series guides you in why reading the Bible and praying in so important, how you can do it consistently (without beating yourself up with guilt if you don't), and how to pray through a passage of the Bible so that you can build your relationship with God. 

listeners commentary 2.png

Study the Bible for Yourself!

The Listeners Commentary on the

New Testament

Do you ever feel confused when reading the Bible? The Listener's Commentary provides in-depth teaching through books of the New Testament in audio format. It helps you understand what the book is actually saying in its original context and what the implications are for living it out today. It's like an audio commentary. 


Don't leave your Bible reading feeling confused

Reading the Bible is the #1 key to spiritual growth! But ... have you ever felt like the Bible was hard to understand? Or when you read it, you don't always get much out of it?  


This free PDF download gives you 7 ways of approaching the Bible that with help you understand it more, experience it as a source of life, and connect with God more in your reading.  


Wondering where to start reading the Bible? 

The "Follow Jesus" Reading Plan

Want the abundant life Jesus promises? That comes from following Him. This reading plan is designed to help you learn who Jesus is, what matters to him, and what it looks like to live for him. It's perfect for your own personal Bible reading or to read with a friend or someone you are helping to grow in their faith. It's aimed at helping you follow Jesus so you can experience the life He offers!

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5 Priorities of a Disciple

Making Church

How can your church become a greenhouse for growing mature disciples of Jesus?


Jesus gave His church one mission: make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). And yet, every major study has shown that most churches in North America fail to make disciples. This should move us to re-evaluate what we're focusing on as churches and how we can more faithfully carry out the mission Jesus gave us. This free pdf download identifies five priorities we should focus on if we want to make disciples. 

Praying Hands Changed by Bible 1.png

The #1 Key to Being Changed

by the Bible

Too many christians know bits and pieces of the Bible, but their life isn't changed by it. It's been said "if your Bible is falling apart, your life probably isn't." That's because the Bible aims to change us so we can become like Jesus. So how can you read the Bible in such a way to be changed by it? This 2-page resource provides the key to reading the Bible in a transformational way. 


John's YouTube Channel.png

On YouTube, John shares short, helpful videos focused on discipleship, spiritual growth, Bible study, and other topics related to following Jesus. Subscribe and share the channel on social media! is a great resource for articles, blogs, ebooks, and tools aimed at theology and discipleship ... it's one that John has contributed to. Check it out by clicking the button below. 

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