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All of the resources on this page are completely free and aimed at helping you understand the Bible and live it out. 

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The 7-Step Plan to Understanding

and Applying the Bible

One of the most common questions pastors are asked is, How can I study the Bible and understand it? Let's be honest, while much of the Bible is clear and it is possible to get a basic understanding of it, other parts are really confusing and don't make sense. This free PDF download helps you learn how to read the Bible in its original context so you can understand it, apply it, and more fully know God. 

The #1 Key to Being Changed

by the Bible

The ultimate goal of reading the Bible isn't to know the Bible. It's to become like Jesus. So how can you read the Bible in such a way to be changed by it? This 2-page resource provides the key to reading the Bible in a transformational way. 

How to Read the Bible and Pray


Have you ever been told that you should read the Bible and pray regularly? So you tried, but then you struggled to do it consistently or feel like it was of any value when you did? This 3-part video series guides you in why reading the Bible and praying in so important, how you can do it consistently (without beating yourself up with guilt if you don't), and how to pray through a passage of the Bible so that you can build your relationship with God. 

The "Follow Jesus" Reading Plan

Not sure where to start reading the Bible or what to read next? Start here. This reading plan is designed to help you learn who Jesus is, what matters to him, and what it looks like to live for him. It's perfect for your own personal Bible reading or to read with a friend or someone you are helping to grow in their faith. 

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