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Mature Christians aren't born,

they're trained

These video courses are the perfect resource to help your people engage their Bible deeply and grow as a disciple of Jesus.

When we fail to provide the training and guidance they need, we see things like:

New and young believers who remain immature in their faith

Older believers who feel unequipped to help others grow

Timid, shakable Christians that don't make more disciples 

People who want to grow, but are stuck floundering without a plan

And creating a quality training plan is challenging and time consuming.

That's why I created these resources.

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Core Training for Christians makes equipping others easy

and your ministry more effective


Content You Can Trust

Clear enough anyone can follow,

deep enough anyone can grow.


A Format They Will Love

High quality teaching offered in bite size chunks - designed specifically for spiritual growth. All easily accessed by phone, tablet or computer.


A Price That's Not a Pain

Affordable pricing to fit your congregation's size and budget.

Core Training for Christians is helping other pastors just like you


I struggled along for several years trying to disciple others using various resources and tools.


Then I was introduced to John's Core Training for Christians curriculum. I have been so impressed with the strides my discipleship groups have taken since we made the switch."

- Brian Gosser 

  Pastor in Lebanon,


The thing I love most about John's videos is that they cover the most relevant material for new believers and they can be used in one on one situations or small groups! Perfect for our application! LOVE IT

- Rob

Core Training for Christians is a fabulous tool for helping people understand fundamental Christian principles and grow in their Christian walk. They are my go-to tool for mentoring.

- Lynne

Rob & Lynn Branham

Church Planters in

New Castle, Australia

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The courses you’ve created are relevant, easy to understand and practical for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God. They’ve even been super helpful to me personally.

- Jesse Whitford    Pastor in Baker City,


Get access for your church


Sign Up


Select your church size and sign up.


Get Familiar


Familiarize yourself with the courses and how church members log in.


Share With Your Congregation


Put the courses into your people's hands as part of your discipleship process.

A church subscription to 

Core Training for Christians includes:

√  Four core courses (58 videos and 12+ hours of training)

√  Two bonus courses

√  All future courses


For all members of your congregation. 


Plus, I'll send you some guides to help you think through the best way to implement the courses:

√  An overview of a clear discipleship path

√  How these courses fit into the discipleship path

√  Guidance on best practices for implementing the courses 

Core Courses

These four courses are "Core Training" because they equip people to understand the Bible, believe what Jesus believes, and grow spiritually as a follower of Jesus. 

Bible Survey

Bible Survey enables people to grasp the big picture of the Bible by teaching them the story of the Bible and how each of the books fit into that story. 

-8 videos

-2+ hours of content

Bible Study Skills

Bible Study Skills teaches people what kind of Book the Bible is and trains them how to read and understand the Bible as a follower of Jesus. 

-12 videos

-2+ hours of content

Core Beliefs

This course explores the Core Beliefs of the Christian faith, equipping people to have the same worldview Jesus had so they begin to live like He lived.

-17 videos

-4 hours of content

The Basics of Spiritual Growth

This course helps people to under-stand God's grace and how they can cooperate with God to become more like Jesus from the inside out. 

-18 videos

-4 hours of content

Bonus Courses

These are special studies that also help people follow Jesus by learning and living the Bible. 


How to Read the Bible

and Pray

This three-part mini-course explains the purpose of reading the Bible and praying and equips you to prayerfully read the Bible consistently. 

-3 videos

-20 minutes of content

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A Beginner's Guide to the Bible

This short course is a great orientation to the Bible for someone new to it or who doesn't really know the flow of the story. It aims to help you read the Bible with a basic understanding.

-1 video

-35 minutes

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Why these courses matter

As a pastor, your #1 desire is to see your people growing in their faith and living as disciples of Jesus. But that takes an intentional plan and the right resources. Some resources are too shallow. Some are too academic. And most aren’t flexible enough to fit your discipleship process. 


And it can be frustrating because you know how important it is but you’re so busy you don’t have time to create your own.

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Access & Pricing

Subscription cost is based on congregation size.

100 or less

-Bible Survey 

-Bible Study Skills

-Core Beliefs

-Basics of Spiritual Growth

-How to Read the Bible and Pray


**Instant access to all future courses



-Bible Survey 

-Bible Study Skills

-Core Beliefs

-Basics of Spiritual Growth

-How to Read the Bible and Pray


**Instant access to all future courses



-Bible Survey 

-Bible Study Skills

-Core Beliefs

-Basics of Spiritual Growth

-How to Read the Bible and Pray


**Instant access to all future courses



-Bible Survey 

-Bible Study Skills

-Core Beliefs

-Basics of Spiritual Growth

-How to Read the Bible and Pray


**Instant access to all future courses



-Bible Survey 

-Bible Study Skills

-Core Beliefs

-Basics of Spiritual Growth

-How to Read the Bible and Pray


**Instant access to all future courses


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One Subscription = Access For All

Your monthly subscription gives everyone in the congregation access to all existing and future courses to use as part of your ongoing discipleship process to help them grow in their faith  and be equipped to help others grow too.

What's the difference between these resources and
other online resources?
There are resources that are like online libraries - like Right Now Media, the Bible Project, and others. There are some really good materials in these libraries and you should take advantage of them. But if libraries were all we needed, we wouldn't have schools. We need training that's more intentional and sequential. And that's where these courses come in. This is foundational curriculum that takes disciples somewhere, providing the essential groundwork for reading the Bible, forming a Christian worldview, and putting on the character of Christ. 
My Promise to You
I care most about helping people grow in their faith and helping churches make disciples. If you don't think these resources are going to help make that happen then let me know some time during the first month and I'll refund your money.  And you can always cancel at any time
John's been featured at
and churches of all sizes both in the states and around the world. 

© 2021 John Whittaker | Bible in Life 

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