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Make Disciples, Not Just Church Members


Tom was an active church member who gave and served. But after 10 years he still "felt like a new Christian."


"Because" he said, "all I was told was 'come to church, serve, and give.' ... no one ever showed me where I was supposed to go and how to get there as a follower of Jesus."

Jesus' final marching orders were

"Go and make disciples." 

Plant multiplying

5 Necessary Shifts for Becoming

a Disciple-making Church

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But most churches have no clear plan.

Come to church. Get plugged into a small group. Serve. Tithe. That's usually the plan. And if we're honest, it's not working very well.

We need a fresh approach. We need a culture shift.

As church leaders, we should be asking, "How can my church become a greenhouse for growing deep and mature disciples of Jesus?"

Disciples who make more disciples.

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Free Workshop

In this free workshop, we will walk through the 5 key shifts you need to make for cultivating

a disciple-making church.

You will leave with clear action steps to begin to shift your church's disciple-making culture in 2021.

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What Other Pastors Are Saying


Great workshop! I appreciated you emphasizing that discipleship IS everything, and we need to seek to make that a reality for those we teach and lead. It’s not about programs, but rather about the culture of the church and the pathways it utilizes. And shift #4 was a great point! Growing good humans should be the focus. That hit me hard personally! Thanks again for the workshop. I am sharing it and discussing it with our other pastor. Super useful material that I will be working through for a while.

- Roy Meyer

Kuna, ID


"After 16 years as a Children's Pastor, I shifted to serving as a Lead Pastor and I was surprised at how many adults I met who struggled with the basics of Christian doctrine, practices of the faith, and a solid understanding of the Scriptures. I struggled along for several years trying to disciple others using various resources and tools. Then I was introduced to John's Core Training for Christians curriculum. I have been so impressed with the strides my discipleship groups have taken since we made the switch."

- Brian Gosser  Lebanon, OR


"Working through discipleship coaching with John has been a huge blessing to us as a church. Even pre-2020, as a church, we knew we needed to rethink our discipleship strategy and that was made more obvious in 2020. This coaching has helped us begin building a Biblically-based discipleship strategy from the ground up, which ought to be the goal for every church. The fruit of John’s discipleship coaching is already evident in our church.”

- Cory DeForrest

 Knappa, OR

Meet John 


John has been a pastor and Bible teacher for over 30 years. He taught at Boise Bible College for 19 years, and Eternity Bible College’s Boise campus. He’s also been a church planter, discipleship pastor, and teaching pastor. He’s a popular conference speaker, and has led trainings in various places around the world. He loves to help people learn how to follow Jesus in their everyday life.

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