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What Are You Asking When You Ask For God's Kingdom to Come? | Life of Prayer

Episode 89

If you've ever prayed the Lord's prayer, you've prayed the words "Your kingdom come." What does that mean? What do you imagine happening when you ask that?

The coming of God's kingdom is one of the major themes of the Bible. It was at the heart of Jesus' ministry. Jesus taught that He was bringing God's kingdom into the world. So in a certain sense, God's kingdom is already here. Yet He taught us to pray for it to come, which means we're still waiting for it.

Some things addressed in this podcast:

-What is God's kingdom?

-What assumptions about the world and history underlie praying for God's kingdom to come?

-What's the global aspect of this request and the personal aspect?

-How does Jesus model the impact of this prayer on our life?




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