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Freedom! Part 5 Dying to the Law Leads to Less Sin and More Fruit for God! | Romans 7:1-6

Episode 62

In Romans 7, the apostle Paul begins to explain why the Old Testament Law (the Torah) is no longer in charge of God's people. In this episode, we explore Romans 7:1-6, which is the second part of Paul's answer to the question of why shouldn't we sin because we're not under the Law but under grace.

Paul believed that the Law got tangled up with sin and led to death (this isn't because the Law is bad ... Paul will explain that in the following paragraphs) because it was working with people who were in the flesh not in the Spirit. The contrast between flesh and Spirit is central to this section and to Paul's thinking on living the Christian life. He believes the Spirit is now the way God governs His people and the Spirit actually enables us to live the kind of life which God desires for us and which the Law wished to give but couldn't.

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