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The Values of God's Kingdom are Good for the World

Episode 291

The Values of God's Kingdom are Good for the World

Christianity emerged in a world vastly different from the values espoused by followers of Christ. Slavery was assumed a necessary part of a functioning society and slaves could be thought of as living property and tools. An adulterous wife was a disgrace to be dealt with harshly, but men were free (even expected!) to have numerous sexual partners. Infants were routinely abandoned, left in the wild to die. Care for the poor, weak, and marginalized was laughable, contrary to all good sense. And a god who would sacrifice himself for others by dying the most shameful death of all could be pictured as a jackass on a cross!

But as Christianity spread, the values of Christ - values now taken for granted as good and right - transformed the Roman Empire and the world.

To be fair, the Church has not always lived up to the values she espouses. Nevertheless, over the course of history the values of the Christian faith have brought great good to the world and our society needs Christians to bring these values into the world today.

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