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What is the Purpose of Government?

Episode 289

What is the Purpose of Government?

The Bible is a bit conflicted about human government.

In an ideal world, God would be king and his will would be done on earth as in heaven. Humans would live in loyal partnership with him and serve a viceroys of his rule, extending his aims and agendas on earth. That was the plan when God created the world and human beings.

The problem? We don’t live in an ideal world.

We live after the fall in Genesis 3 and outside of Eden. So now it’s fair to say that most people don’t submit to God’s kingship. Many who claim actually don’t. And even those who do, do so incompletely and imperfectly.

This is where government comes in. Human government is necessary to manage and mitigate that chaos that ensues when humans are left to their own devices.

This episode explores how it's supposed to do that.

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