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What Do You Listen To? | Jesus Centered, pt. 4

Episode 189

Think of all the different messages you hear everyday ...

-so many different news outlets

-articles coming through your social media channels

-quotes, ideas, and memes

-friends sharing their ideas and opinions

In fact, in 2020 on average, people spent 2.5 hrs per day on social media.

Think of your inbox ... in 2021 there were 320 billion emails sent worldwide everyday!

2021 estimates put the number of ads people see each day between 6-10 thousand!

-There's movies, tv, netflix, hulu… all communicate ideas, values, etc.

-Youtube, podcasts, etc.

We are bombarded with information, sales pitches, opinions, images, and ideas tons of which have something to say about what’s important in life, how to do life, what’s a good life.

Then you have books, magazines, and various forms of print media.

Voices, voices, voices … all day everyday.

If we’re going to live a Jesus centered life, we’re going to have to confront this … and discipline  ourselves concerning who we listen to, what we fill our mind with, and how we evaluate various things we hear.

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