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Responding to Opposition Like the Apostles | Acts 4:23-31

Episode 178

When we encounter opposition to our faith in Jesus, often our knee-jerk prayer is for God to deal with those opposing us. Or for God to protect us.

Neither of those is necessarily wrong. We see examples of both kinds of prayer in the Bible.

But in Acts 4:23-31, the apostles pray in such a way that offers a real challenge to us. Their prayer is not for God to remove the opposition or to provide protection. Their prayer is for more boldness to do what God called them to do - to speak the message about Jesus.

Even though it may bring hardship and difficulty.

Even though it may garner pain.

They pray for boldness to speak because that's what faithfulness to Jesus looks like.

What if we focused on praying for the strength, courage, and even boldness to be faithful, regardless of the the costs or the outcome?

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