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Is Scripture Complete? Do We Have the Right Books in the Bible? | Questions of Doubt, pt. 8

Episode 155

On Questions of Doubt, pt. 6 (More Questions about the Bible), one of the the things we touched on was inspiration meaning that God supervised the writing of the Bible. In response, one listener had several questions:

  • If the Bible is inspired or “supervised by God” then does He still do that?

  • Why is Scripture complete?

  • Why are other works (both ancient and modern texts) not considered inspired scripture? What if they don’t contradict scripture?

  • If God supervised scripture, does that have to mean it has no prescriptive errors that aren’t necessarily sinful but cultural? Would God have compelled the authors to edit those things out?

These a good questions and at the heart of most of them lies the question of the canon - that is, the official books of the Bible. Why are there only these books of the Bible? Why do some Bibles have more books? How were the books decided upon?

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