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I’m Not Sure I can trust the Bible? | Questions of Doubt, pt. 5

Episode 152

Can I actually trust the Bible?

That's a fair and honest question. The bible is an old book. At times it can be an odd book. Or at least a foreign book. And there are things in it that don’t make sense.

So is it really trustworthy?

Some of the reasons often expressed for doubting that the Bible is trustworthy are:

  • Why should I trust a book that thousands of years old?

  • It’s full of contradictions.

  • It’s been changed and rewritten so many times.

  • It’s full of errors and mistakes.

  • It teaches hurtful, hateful things

In this episode, I encourage to focus on Jesus and thus explore if the witnesses to Jesus can be trusted. Next week, we'll get into some of the other questions.

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