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A Loving God Wouldn't Allow So Much Pain and Suffering | Questions of Doubt, pt 4

Episode 151

If God is real and is who the Bible says He is, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?

Often times this question arises when we’re experiencing some sort of pain or suffering … and it feels like we should curse the world as stupid rather than trust in God. This can be especially painful if we’re a praying person and we’ve prayed and prayed and the pain and suffering still persists.

If there really is a god and he really did care, then he’d never let this happen to me.

This question has also gained force as the global community has gotten smaller and we now know what’s happening all around the world all the time. And since the news feeds off the negative, we are constantly made aware of the pain and suffering all around the world. And the enormity at times seems overwhelming.

So how could God, especially the supposedly loving and powerful God of the Bible, really exist?!

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