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Buy a sword and stop crying?? | What Did Jesus Mean By ... , pt. 3

Episode 143

Buy a sword and stop crying!

Has someone ever said something to you and what they initially said doesn’t sound quite right? It just doesn't sound like something they'd say.

And you’re like, “wait, hold on … I’m not tracking with you at all.” And then once they explain themselves, you’re like “oh, I see what you mean…”

That’s sort of what we get sometimes from Jesus. So...

In this week’s episode of the Bible in Life podcast, we look at two statements like that from Jesus that just don’t seem to fit everything else He says and what we know about him.

Did Jesus tell his apostles to buy swords and get ready to fight?

Why did Jesus tell the ladies weeping for him as he went to be crucified to stop crying for him and to cry instead for themselves?

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