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Online courses that help you

learn the way of Jesus!

Digital Curriculum for Churches

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Monthly Subscriptions for Churches

Church Leaders - Get access to all John's courses and offer powerful training for your congregation to grow as followers of Jesus. Monthly subscriptions are available that give everyone in your church access to these materials.

Courses for Individuals


Become Like Jesus: The Basics of Spiritual Growth

This course is a life-changing study of God's grace and how through grace God enables you to become the person you were created to be. 


Think Straight!

 Core Beliefs of 

Faith in Jesus

The most powerful key to personal transformation is what ideas and beliefs fill your mind. This course seeks to fill your mind with the same beliefs that Jesus had, so you can become like Him!

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Rooted in God's Word: Keys to Understanding  the Bible 

Being rooted in God's word is the key to a flourishing life (Ps 1)! This course includes two parts. Bible Survey which give you the big story of the Bible and how all the books fit into that story. And Bible Study Skills which teaches you how to read the Bible in its original context and apply that to life today. 

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A Beginner's Guide to the Bible

A user-friendly introduction to the Bible that helps you read the Bible with more confidence and less confusion ... knowing the flow of the Bible's story and how it's all put together.​

Bundle and Save!

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Grow Your Faith Academy

Get the three core course at a  discounted price to help you grow in your faith ... so that you can walk with God and live the life He's called you to. Individual courses included in this package are available below.


Cory DeForrest

Pastor, Oregon

"The Bible Survey course is a clear and helpful study for anyone from the non-believer seeking answers to the long-time Christian that has never understood the overall story and the structure the Bible is built upon."

Rob Branham

Church Planter, Australia

"As a Church planter on the mission field it is always very hard to find materials in order to mentor or disciple new people that we have made connections with. The material often goes too deep or not deep enough! The thing I love most about John's videos is that it really covers the most relevant material and it can be used in one on one situation or small groups!!! Perfect for our application in Australia! LOVE IT"

Mike Mack

Editor, Christian Standard

“I’ve been learning from John Whittaker since we were in a young couples Sunday school class in Cincinnati, which John often taught. His experience in the nearly 30 years since have only added to his knowledge, wisdom, and skill in teaching. More than that, John is a man of integrity that I trust and admire. … I’m excited about his new ministry because I know he will help many people better understand and live out God’s Word.”

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