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Freedom! Part 8 The Secret to Life and Peace | Romans 8:1-9

Episode 65

How can your days be marked by life and peace?

The apostle Paul knows the secret, and in Romans 8:1-9 he shares that secret with you and me. Romans 8 is Paul’s grand, climactic solution to all the problems of sin, death, and condemnation that we see in the world all around us.

Paul says God solved all these problem now and forever in Jesus.

Paul has already told us that trying to keep God’s law apart from Christ won’t solve it. Paul himself tried that approach and knows firsthand that it doesn’t work.

No, he says, the secret to experience life and peace now has to do with what you allow to occupy your mind. We can focus on and fill our mind with the values, ambitions, goals, and life strategies of the world around us. Or we can set our mind on the things of God’s Spirit.

And then we carry out our life according to the values, ambitions, goals, and life strategies of the Spirit.

This podcast will explore this life-changing passage of Scripture and help you learn how to walk by the Spirit!

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