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Flesh vs. Spirit Isn't Two Warring Natures | In the Meantime, pt. 4

Episode 169

Flesh vs. Spirit is often talked about as if Christians have two natures that are battling within them, the flesh (the so-called "sinful nature") and the Spirit. But this fails to pay close enough attention to Paul’s language … and how it’s shaped by the already, not yet overlap we’ve been talking about. Paul speaks of either being of the flesh or of the Spirit - both/and.

So in this episode we'll explore:

  • two key texts - Romans 8:1-9 and Galatians 5:16-24.

  • what Paul means by flesh

  • how to walk by the Spirit

So that, here in the meantime, we can follow Jesus more fully. Because you can’t follow Jesus unless you walk with the Spirit!

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