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Online Bible Courses That Take You Somewhere

There’s a lot of bible study materials online. And you can find a good bible study here and another good one there. But these courses are unique because they build on each other. They introduce you to the Bible and how to read the Bible well. Then they teach you the core beliefs of a biblical worldview. And finally, they guide you on how to live the Christian life. They are online Bible courses that take you somewhere.

Spiritual Growth Course Now Available!

The Spiritual Growth course is the fourth course in the “Core Training for Christians” series. It explores the gospel, grace, and how you can cooperate with God to become like Jesus. 

Core Training for Christians 

These four courses are "Core Training" because they equip you to understand the Bible, believe what Jesus believes, and grow spiritually as a follower of Jesus. 

Now Available!

Bible Survey

Bible Survey enables you to grasp the big picture of the Bible by teaching you the story of the Bible and how each of the books fit into that story. 

-8 videos

-2+ hours of content

Now Available!

Bible Study Skills

Bible Study Skills teaches you what kind of Book the Bible is and trains you how to read and understand the Bible as a follower of Jesus. 

-12 videos

-2+ hours of content

Now Available!

Core Beliefs

This course explores the Core Beliefs of your Christian faith, equipping you to have a biblical worldview, the same worldview Jesus had. 

-17 videos

-4 hours of content

Now Available!

The Basics of Spiritual Growth

This course helps you under-stand the freedom given by God's grace and how you can cooperate with God to become more like Jesus.

-18 videos

-4 hours of content

Other Courses

These are special studies that also help you follow Jesus by learning and living the Bible. 

Now Available!

How to Read the Bible

and Pray

This three-part mini-course explains the purpose of reading the Bible and praying and equips you to prayerfully read the Bible consistently. 

-3 videos

-20 minutes of content


Cory DeForrest

The Bible Survey course is a clear and helpful study for anyone from the non-believer seeking answers to the long-time Christian that has never understood the overall story and the structure the Bible is built upon.

Rob Branham

As a Church planter on the mission field it is always very hard to find materials in order to mentor or disciple new people that we have made connections with. The material often goes too deep or not deep enough! The thing I love most about John's videos is that it really covers the most relevant material and it can be used in one on one situation or small groups!!! Perfect for our application in Australia! LOVE IT

Mike Propp

If the influence John’s teaching and life have had on me could be felt by many others through these video lessons then the world will not be the same place a generation from now. Thank you for your ministry, Dr. Whittaker.

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